Where's Wendy?

Each week we'll give you the rundown on what each Where's Wendy location
has planned for your visit! We qualify 1 person each week to go into the final
Where's Wendy drawing for a prize package worth over $1500!! We're TRULY
thankful for all of our Where's Wendy sponsors taking part in this each year! And,
believe us, they are SO happy to see you stop in on their given week! Each Wednesday
from May 15th and July 17th, between 4:30 and 6PM, make it point to stop by and enjoy
our Where's Wendy Wednesday fun!!!

The LAST stop is the Fireside Bar and Grill
on East Main Street in Orange. Enjoy 1/2-price
appetizers, Whacky Watermelon drink special,
a $50 gift certificate giveaway and other surprises!
Where's Wendy on Wednesday
July 17th from 4:30 til 6PM. We hope to make
your our final qualifier!


Where's Wendy Weekly Prizes

At each weekly Where's Wendy stop, we'll be drawing winners for
these weekly prizes!


Here's the Grand Prize Package:

1 of the 10 qualifiers will win ALL THIS!!

Goodies from these businesses: Deja Vu Women's consignment, Millers Pub, It's About Time Clocks and
Antiques, O'Ryces, Tintagels Gate, and SpeeDee Automotive!


Where's Wendy?

These are the stops!

                              5/15:  SpeeDee Automotive Services in Athol
                              5/22:  Clamber Hill Inn and Restaurant

                              5/29:  Tintagel's Gate
                              6/5:    Stan's Liquor Mart
                              6/12:  Maple Grove Farmhouse Bakery
                              6/14:  Millers Pub,
                                        It's About Time Clocks,
                                        & O'ryces
                              6/26:  House of Wax
                              7/3:    Deja Vu
                              7/10:  Serendipities
                              7/17:  Fireside Bar and Grill



Where's Wendy Weekly Winners



Shannon Cleveland (Qualifier #1)
John Noel
Cindy Anderson
Bud Devereau
Vicki Graw
Katie Ranahan



Kelly Soutiere (Qualifier #2)
Ross LeBlanc
Karen Whitman
Glon Lanagan
Robert Lanagan
Nicole Minty



Diane Conner (Qualifier #3)
Ross LeBlanc
Linda Coblentz
Omar Michelin
Phil Hanno
Lisa Gannett



Elaine Bessette (Qualifier #4)
Ross Petrain
Jazz Dresser
Dave Bryce
Aaron Stevens
Doreen Gallien



Dennis Kuzmeskus (Qualifier #5)
Christina Whaland
Steve Soutiere
Jill Drew
Scott Spiegel
Casey Riddell



Sheryl Constantine (Qualifier #6)
Eric Candelaria
Kelvin Smith
Jeanette Whittier
Kyle Deane
Travis Jimenez
Cyndi Clark



Jim St. Jean (Qualifier #7)
Christina Whaland
Cindy Anderson
Bud Faverau
Steve Soutiere



Gladys Deveneau (Qualifier #8)
Christina Miranda
Steph McClure
Maryann Robideau
Maureen Meausky
Scott Hyman



Michelle Simmington (Qualifier #9)
Nichole Shaw
Kip Chinian
Dave Flint
Casey Riddell
Steve Soutiere