The WJDF Rat Copter is a favorite
at the River Rat Race. Back by popular demand,
and weather permitting, the Rat Copter will
skillfully hover above, following the canoeists
to the finish line. In the Rat Copter is a member of
The WJDF Rat Patrol reporting LIVE with the
up-to-the-minute standings of the race!
No sick bags needed, these guys are pros!

The WJDF Rat Boat is another
favorite at the River Rat Race. This is
the official LEAD BOAT which kicks off the
race, leading the canoeists through the race's
course. In the Rat Boat is another WJDF
Rat Patrol team member calling the shots

from the front line! You can't beat coverage like this!

The Original Rat Boat... & crew

ratboat.jpg (15024 bytes)
1998 Rat Boat


The Athol-Orange Television (AOTV) Rat T.V.
offers LIVE television coverage of the River Rat Race.
AOTV crew members are located at the starting line,
Daniel Shays Highway Bridge, and at the finish line.
Coverage includes interviews with canoeists at the
end of the race!


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